10 Life Lessons From Lazy Persian Cats

Persian cats have mastered the art of loafing around the house, and they are here to enlighten us.

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Never underestimate the power of a good nap. Via Andrey/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

The stately Persian has a long history as a lap cat. Bred to be indoor cats, Persians do not have a tremendous amount of “street smarts.” What they are adept at, however, is “sleep smarts.” These fluffy kitties can lounge with the best of them, and they’re more than happy to teach you all about their lazy lifestyle — just as long as you wait until after their nap.

Here, Persians share some words of wisdom about what they know best… catching some ZZZs.

1. If you are caught sleeping on the job, say you were working so hard you had to give your brain a rest.

2. A woman needs her beauty rest. You’ll be wise not to wake her.

3. When someone asks you get up and go do something, just snore louder. They’ll give up and leave you alone.

4. If you ever get the urge to exercise, immediately lie down and go to your safe place. 

5. Snuggling with a friend can be a bonding experience. As long as said friend does not have night terrors.

6. Pretend you are listening to your spouse droll on about their crazy co-worker while you’re asleep by keeping your head upright. They won’t know the difference.

7. Falling asleep to a television program is perfectly acceptable. Exception: A “Too Cute” marathon on Animal Planet.

8. A couple that naps together, stays together.

9. If you wake up to a paw full of dollars, do not ask any questions. Simply add it to the kitty.

10. Never get out of bed for anything less than $10,000. Or catnip.

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