10 Hilarious “Dog Beards” You Need to See

Check out this awesome online photo fad we hope never ends.

Is your face feeling scruffy and a little “ruff”? It might be because there’s a dog on it! Well, that’s the case with some people, who have taken growing a beard to a new level.

Photo from robisntscared/Instagram

Enter dog bearding, a response to the popular “cat beard” photo meme that involves taking a photo of yourself with your dog. But this isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill “selfie”: the dog-bearding trend involves using the dog’s nose and chin to lend the appearance of having a beard. The result is a hilarious mashup of human and dog that is guaranteed to make you giggle.

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Although cats and their humans were first to make the bearding trend famous a couple of years ago, the photo fad is still alive and well on the Internet. If you search Instagram with the hashtags #dogbeard and #dogbearding, you’ll find close to 8,000 photos of people sporting sweet dog beards. Every breed from Miniature Schnauzers to Pomeranians are getting in on the bearded selfie action!

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We’ve chosen our top favorite dog-bearding Instagram photos for your dog-beard viewing pleasure. Which one tickles your fancy?

Photo from govegandotnet/Instagram


Photo from prystupa/Instagram


Photo from kaltastic/Instagram

Photo from tom19/Instagram


Photo from ellenbelle86/Instagram

Photo from heeethuurrr/Instagram


Photo from instaprill/Instagram


Photo from kristen_5_g/Instagram


Photo from meganell/Instagram


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