10 Funny Cat Hiding Places

Where oh where could my little cat be? Probably in a cardboard box somewhere, or one of these other top cat hiding spots.

Cats enjoy hiding away, and sometimes we unexpectedly happen upon them. Even though they’re in spots that aren’t so weird, the sudden sight of them can be absolutely hysterical … to me, anyway.

Here are the top 10 funny places we find cats. Much of the list is based on my personal experiences.

10. Behind a curtain
And behind curtain number one is … a cat! I giggle a little when I open a curtain and see one of my kitties loafed on a windowsill. I’d rather win a cat than a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni, that’s for sure.

9. Under a blanket
When I turn down the blankets at night, I sometimes find a kitty curled up underneath the bed covers. Surprise! Well, hello there, kitty! They look at me like, “Hey! I was sleeping!” And then we contort our bodies to fit around them, because how could we disturb kitty comfort? 

8. In an open drawer
An open drawer is an open invitation to a cat. I once happened upon my Phoebe, who’d stuffed herself into a small drawer where I store placemats. It was such a tiny space, but she just had to occupy the space. Many laughs were had at her expense.

7. In a bag
It’s not a giant surprise that cats enjoying lying in bags, but I sometimes get a kick out of unexpectantly finding a cat-bag situation. Once I was going to a potluck gathering and my warm, homemade applesauce was resting in the bag in which it would travel. When I picked up the bag, it felt way heavier than a little bowl of applesauce. I looked inside to find Phoebe curled up on top of the warm container. Even now, the thought of it makes me smile.

6. Using the litterbox
Cats use the litterbox – it’s a fact of feline life. If I manage to walk in on one of my kitties doing their “business,” I feel completely awkward, but also want to laugh. They look so serious and focused when they’re in position.

5. In the bathtub
Have you ever opened the shower curtain only to find a cat lounging in the tub? I have, and it usually makes me jump a little, but then I have to smile thinking about them hanging out in what probably feels like a secret clubhouse.

4. In a closet
Kitties enjoy tucking themselves away in closets, so I don’t know why I feel startled when I see one of my three chillin’ on a shelf or behind some shoes. Sometimes I hear them before I see them.

3. In a carrier
Most cats want absoultely nothing to do with a cat carrier because, well, the carrier usually means they’re on their way somewhere outside their comfort zone. When I think of it, I leave the carrier out for a few days before a scheduled vet visit – you know, so they aren’t so freaked out by the sight of it when the time comes for boarding the Pet Taxi. Once I was looking high and low for one of my cats, and starting to feel anxious because we were running late for our appointment. Where was she? Sleeping inside the Pet Taxi. Ha!

2. In a cabinet
My Cosmo is a huge fan of cabinet exploration, and I don’t always notice when he’s slipped through an open door. Then I open a cabinet to grab a roll of paper towels, and there he is – just sitting there. I giggle uncontrollably, and then I take pics.

And the No. 1 funny place we find cats is … drumroll, please!

1. In the dark

The other day I walked into a dark bathroom, flipped on the light, and saw Cosmo sitting in the middle of the room, in the dark, doing absolutely nothing. It completely tickled my funny bone!

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