10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cats Happy

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses her favorite tips for cat happiness.

Many people ask me what cats enjoy and how to keep them happy. I love these questions because in more than 35 years of cat-sitting I’ve seen a lot of Dos and Don’t’s. So for this week’s column I thought I’d compile my Top 10 list of tried and true ways to delight your cat. Even better, they do not require a lot of time or expense, just extra TLC.

1. Leave your blinds or curtains open during the day so cats can safely watch the outside world.

2. Buy a specially designed cat video to play for cats — this is a big hit in my home.

3. Pick a time for daily cat-brushing. It’s a like a massage for cats and a terrific bonding experience.

4. Plant cat grass, found at pet stores, for good for cat snacking.

5. Place a birdfeeder with a suction cup outside a window for hours of safe viewing.

6. Install pet steps to sunny window perches for senior cats.

7. Refresh old catnip toys by soaking them in warm water, squeezing out the excess water and then tossing them to your cat.

8. Invest in a new litterbox this year.

9. Make time each day for interactive play and alternate the cat toys you leave out.

10. When you pass by your wonderful cat, take a moment to give them a gentle pet or kiss on the forehead. I love doing this especially when I hear a soft purr afterwards.

Please tell me your favorite ways to make your kitties happy.

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