10 Dogs Play the Piano and Sing Better Than Most People

Look out humans, Alicia Fleas, Barbet Streisand and Michael Pup-le are putting on a show.

Not all dogs have musical talents, but when they do it’s worth recording. From soulful hounds making soulful sounds to a doggie diva who plays her way or the highway, these dogs have got it going on.

And before you judge them, ask yourself this: When was the last time you accompanied yourself on the piano? (Musicians don’t ask yourself this question, we didn’t mean you. Judge away.)

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1. This dog has a sad, but soulful song to sing. We feel you buddy, we’ve had those days too.


2. This dog sings and plays piano while her humans are at work. She also wears a tiny, fur-colored leotard… “Lady Doga” anyone?

3. In any group of talent, there is always bound to be diva or two. A bit of a prima donna, this dog requires an escorted ride to every show. Don’t expect an encore, when she’s done, she’s done. We bet she only likes the round kibbles in her dressing room. 


4. Doggy duet. These talented Golden’s are actually playing the piano. Like on purpose. Specific notes. 


5. It’s always embarrassing when artists get caught lip syncing or using other people’s work. Seems it’s become part of the biz.


6. Sometimes two hands… er paws… just isn’t enough. Moral of this story, practice makes perfect.


7. Sometimes music is frustrating and hard, but it’s also a good way to let those feelings out.

8. This performer knows it’s good practice to pause and allow people to absorb the music.

9.  Some practice for years, others are prodigies born to play. This little Pupthoven prefers to skip the singing to focus on his masterful notes.


10. There are some stars that always try to shine a little brighter. We give you Pugerace.


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