10 Dog Twitter Accounts You Want to Follow

It seems as though everyone and his dog is on Twitter -- including dogs!

Tweeting about everything from bacon to squirrels, some of these canine communicators have more followers than some famous humans (and no wonder, because these tweeting dogs are hilarious). In no particular order, here are the best Twitter accounts “written” by dogs that you should be following.

Cookie Frankel @cookiedabooboo

Beloved dog to reality television personality Bethenny Frankel, Cookie is living the sweet life of a real housedog of New York City. More than 26,000 people follow Cookie’s tweets, which include admissions of sneaking snacks, getting pedicures and meeting up with her posh pup friends at the dog park.

Cookiedabooboo Twitter

Oprah Winfree @OprahTheDog

No, not THAT Oprah! This one has four legs, fur and belongs to rap artist 50 Cent. So what does a dog belonging to a rap mogul tweet about? Chillin’ with his dad and listening to music, of course!

OprahtheDog Twitter

Pizza Dog @Pizza_Dog

He’s a dog. He likes pizza — a lot. He’s Pizza Dog! Seriously, reading this dog’s tweets will make you laugh and want to reach for the phone to call for pizza delivery. This is one pizza-obsessed canine!

PizzaDog Twitter


Nicklas Naked  @nicknaked

You have to love a dog who punctuates his sentences with “BOL!” (Bark Out Loud). Nick is the canine counterpart to Bif Naked, a Canadian singer-songwriter.

NickNaked Twitter


The ShihTzuation @TheShihtzuation

You’ve heard of The Situation, right? (Psst: He’s a television personality on MTV reality show Jersey Shore.) Well, meet The ShihTzuation! No relation, but it sounds like these two would be good friends. The Shih Tzu’s profile says it all: “Dog livin at da Jerzey Shore. I likez Justin BiebFUR, long walkz on da beach & when mama GTLs (Gets The Leash). #pawpump”

Theshihtzuation Twitter


James Bond the Dog @JamesBondTheDog

This dog likes the water in his water bowl shaken, not stirred. A hound dog rescued by a human in New York City, James Bond the Dog is living the life of a doggie spy, when he’s not eating, sleeping and getting into hijinks.

JamesBondtheDog Twitter

Sullivan @sullyburger

Tweeting about his life in Venice, Calif., Sully — a Wheaten Terrier/Maltese mix — takes pride that he hails from “straight outta Compton,” as his owners found him and his littermates in a parking lot in South Central Los Angeles. 

SullyBurger Twitter


Stanley Pinkerton @Mr_Pinkerton

Purveyor of naps and delectable treats, Stanley claims the titles of Lord of Cats and President of the Sneaky Dog Club. That’s a lot of work for a Basset Hound, so you might catch a picture or two of him napping, resting and taking a break (but not necessarily in that order), when he’s not tweeting about life from the couch.

Mr Pinkerton Twitter

Monty the Dog @montythedog

He might be small in stature, but this dog has big thoughts and a big personality to go with it. Monty doesn’t mention his location on his Twitter profile, but we’re thinking he lives somewhere in the United Kingdom, due to his penchant for saying “chips” instead of “fries”!

MontytheDog Twitter


Maggie May @maggiemay_hem

Canine companion to professional tennis player Andy Murray, Maggie is a Twitter star in her own right, and gives followers a dog-eye’s view of life with Murray.

MaggieMayHem Twitter


Do you have a favorite doggie Twitter account? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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