10 DIY Cat Toys To Entertain You And Your Cats

This roundup of 10 do-it-yourself cat toys will make you want to get crafting!

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Making a stick toy is easier than you might think, and your cat will love it. Photo Courtesy of the DIY Diary
Tamar Arslanian

Put the smartphone down, turn off the TV and do something useful! Crafting a cat toy at home will not only make you feel like Martha Stewart (this is not a guarantee), it will also save you some money while bringing joy to your cats (and maybe even your children as well — bonus extra!).

Below, you’ll find a range of DIY cat toys to choose from, based on your skill level, ambition and the type of toy your feline companion(s) may find of most interest.

1. Junk Food Cat Toys

As any pet parent knows, what we’re having for dinner is far more interesting to our cats than what’s in their bowl. Here’s a super cute way to satiate their cravings the healthy and safe way!

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Head over to ABeautifulMess.com for complete instructions.

2. Kitty Copter Toys

I have to wonder who will have the most fun with these, the human or the feline? Tucker helps his human make these, so if he can do it, surely we can, too!

Courtesy of It's All About The Cats

Photo Courtesy of It’s All About The Cats

It’s All About The Cats will show you how to make these in a few easy steps.

3. Catnip Socktopus

Are these the cutest things or what? I’m thinking of making some without the catnip just for me!

Photo Courtesy of Mother Earth News

Photo Courtesy of Mother Earth News

Thanks to MotherEarthNews.com for this adorable project (click the link for complete instructions).

4. Stick Toy

Driven by finances and a home shared with three cats, Kelsey, a DIY maven, decided to make this cat toy that she says her three cats obsess over. Three out of three is no easy task, so put this one on your “to try” list for sure!

Photo Courtesy of The DIY Diary

Photo Courtesy of The DIY Diary

Go to TheDIYDiary.com for the blow-by-blow.

5. Cat Puzzle

Perfect for the curious cat, this toy can also be used to engage food-motivated felines by adding a few treats into the mix. And if cats are anything like humans, perhaps a good puzzle will keep them mentally agile?

Photo Courtesy of The Glam Cat

Photo Courtesy of The Glam Cat

Visit The Glam Cat for the full details on making this.

6. Catnip Socks

If the Socktopus seems a bit advanced for your first DIY sock project, here’s another sock project requiring one straight (or semi-straight) line of stitching.

Photo Courtesy of It's All About The Cats

Photo Courtesy of It’s All About The Cats

It’s another one from It’s All About The Cats (without Tucker this time).

7. Crinkle Sack

If your kitties are anything like mine and enjoy things that crinkle, this project is a sure-fire hit that doubles as a toy and a hiding place (depending on the size of your cat!). Just remember to take it out of the bedroom at night unless you’re a very deep sleeper.

Photo Courtesy of CatChannel.com

Photo Courtesy of CatChannel.com

For instructions go CatChannel.com.

8. Hunting Box

If you have a cat who is good with his or her paws — forever attempting to “rescue” objects from behind the radiator or under the fridge — this is the perfect DIY for you!

Photo Courtesy of Cathie Filian

Photo Courtesy of Cathie Filian

Cathie Filian will walk you through this project on her website.

9. Sock Catnip Mouse

Who knew so many cat toys could be made from the common sock? In this post, an animal shelter asks children to make this toy for the resident cats and kittens. What a great idea! See, there’s no end to the feline happiness your DIY projects can provide!

Photo Courtesy of Mom's Own Words

Photo Courtesy of Mom’s Own Words

MomsOwnWords.com has visuals that will make this project a breeze!

10. The Common Box

You might argue a cardboard box is not a toy, but a bed, hiding spot or lookout. However, I’ve often witnessed my cats (two of them pictured below) frolicking in them longer than they play with store-bought toys. Plus, you can get the entire family involved if you decide to decorate it — a parent can cut out a door or window, the kids can collage or draw-on the décor!

Photo Courtesy of Tamar Arslanian

Photo Courtesy of Tamar Arslanian

One entrepreneur is even selling unused cardboard boxes with a side of catnip for $2.49!

Let us know which DIY project you try out, and above all, have fun. Your cat won’t critique how even your stitching is — at least we hope not!

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