10 Commmon Ferret Ailments

Get to know the ailments that plague ferrets most, and learn the signs of possible problems.

Many health issues and problems affect ferrets. This article summarizes some of the most common ailments of ferrets. Also included are tidbits of information that are not widely known. If you own a ferret, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will see at least two of these problems in your pet in its lifetime, so be prepared with the most current information.

1. Adrenal Gland Disease
Most ferret owners have at least heard the basics about adrenal gland disease. It is a complicated process that can produce an array of symptoms — some are obvious and some are subtle. 

The adrenal gland is the most complicated organ of the body besides the brain. It produces more than 50 different hormones that are needed to regulate most of the other organs. We’re only now starting to understand all the different factors that affect adrenal function.

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