10 Cats Who Get Along With Dogs and Other Pets

Want to pair cats and dogs? Check out the Top 10 breeds of cats who get along well with other pets.

The cats have gone to the dogs! Well, some have, at least. If you want a cat breed who will befriend the canine members of the family,  the 10 listed below get along like cats and dogs (in a good way!).

Don’t see your favorite breed here? Don’t worry! Most cats, purebred and mixed-breed cats alike, can learn to live peaceably with other animals.

Abyssinian cat.
This highly social cat breed loves people, cats, dogs, other animals … basically any creature that will pay attention to its playful antics. Often compared to a cougar or mountain lion, the medium-sized athletic cat features a ticked coat that comes in six colors: red, ruddy, blue, fawn, chocolate and lilac.

American Curl cat. Loving and personable, the American Curl enjoys the company of other pets and seem to have a respect for other animals in the home. The breed’s unique curled ears capture immediate attention, and its sweet, playful personality wins over many fans.

American Shorthair cat. A medium-sized cat with striking good looks, the American Shorthair was once prized for its pest hunting abilities. Today, the good-natured, laidback cat views other pets as friends. Breeders note the cat’s ability to get along well with dogs and other pets, as well as its gentleness with children.

Bombay cat. With its sleek black coat and copper penny eyes, the Bombay demands a second look. The breed’s sweet, devoted nature toward the members of its family extends naturally to any resident pets, including other cats and dogs.

British Shorthair cat. The quiet, affectionate British Shorthair possesses the patience and temperament to get along well with children and other types of pets. Known as a feline teddy bear, the breed features a stocky build covered by a short, plush coat.

European Burmese cat. Like the Abyssinian, the European Burmese cat loves just about anybody or anything that will shower it with attention, including other pets. This cousin of the Burmese features a short, sleek coat that comes in 10 beautiful colors.

Highlander cat. This spotted cat with the wild good looks has a heart for everyone: dogs, cats, kittens and people. Available with both short and long hair, the Highlander features a big cat look with a thoroughly domestic personality.

Japanese Bobtail cat. Known for its distinctive bobbed tail, the Japanese Bobtail cat shows devotion and affection to everyone in its family: dogs and other pets included. Its shorthaired coat makes for easy grooming, and its delightful personality guarantees lots of love for all members of the household.

Ragdoll cat. A sweet, docile personality is a hallmark of the Ragdoll cat breed. In fact, the cat’s gentle personality helps it become friends with people of all ages and pets of all types. Coupled with its beautiful flowing coat and gorgeous eyes, the Ragdoll is a breed that is difficult to resist.

Singapura cat. Good things come in small packages, including the affectionate, soft-spoken Singapura cat. An import from Singapore, this shorthaired cat breed truly loves being with people and will gladly share its affection — and playtime — with cats or other animal friends.

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