10 Cat Daydreams

If cats fantasize, they might very well dream of perpetually warm laundry, the power to summon treats and someone stealing the dreaded vacuum cleaner.

Cats spend a lot of time in what looks like a meditative state – they aren’t sleeping, but staring straight ahead. I’m pretty sure they’re daydreaming. Of course they are.

Here are the top 10 daydreams cats would have.

10. A year-round Christmas tree
Many cats totally bliss out when a Christmas tree enters the home. The adventurous felines climb it, the playful ones bat the ornaments, and all of them enjoy multiple holiday naps underneath the festive fir.

9. The vacuum cleaner is stolen
Oh, what joy to never have to listen to the aurally offensive roar of the vacuum montser! Who cares about dirty floors? Come, thieves – make off with the thing!

8. The laundry is perpetually warm

A basket of laundry is a bonafide cat magnet. The cozy warmth of fresh-from-the-dryer items equals pure heaven for the whiskered set. The only thing that could make this glorious nap zone better is the promise of neverending heat.

7.  Treat-summoning power

Cats already know they have the real power around humans; however, people are the still the holders of the treats. This is unsettling for kitties, and they endlessly daydream about the possibility of magically summoning goodies, with no help from humans. Maybe they’d twitch their little noses like Samantha from Bewitched. Cute!

6. Our phones and cameras malfunction

Kitties grow weary of the ever-present camera. And now that lots of us have excellent cameras on our phones, their irritation is multiplied. In their little minds, they gleefully visualize our cameras and phones spontaneously combusting – without harming anyone, of course, but maybe blowing the lids off a few cans of food. That’d be OK.

5. We order daily from Amazon.com

Because you know what a daily order means … daily boxes! What a sublime daydream that would be! Of course there would be ones of all sizes arriving because napping in same box could get boring. Hey, it’s a possibility!

4. They catch the red dot
Finally, after an insane amount of chasing and thinking they’d caught that elusive red dot, they’d snag the bugger and victory would be theirs!

3. An invisibility cloak

Can you imagine the shenanigans cats would embrace if they had a cloak that’d ensure complete invisibility to the human eye? They can imagine it – you can bet your sweet patootie.

2. Opposable thumbs

Oh, man – what cat doesn’t dream of having opposable thumbs? They wouldn’t have to rely on us for a multitude of things! They’d pop open a can of food, flip on Animal Planet, empty a shoe box and curl up for a few hours. And that’s just the beginning.

And the No. 1 daydream cats would have is … drumroll, please!

1. We quit our jobs and stay home
Many of us leave the house at some point during the day, and travel to a job. Even though the work keeps them in treats and clean litter, they’d dream of having us at their beck and call 24 hours a day. And we’d probably wish the same thing, except our daydream would include something about being independently wealthy.

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