10 Body Parts Where Cats Like to Nap

Your hair, your neck, your lower back -- cats consider all of these places theirs and would like to curl up and sleep there now, thank you very much.

Many cats are cuddlers, and they can’t ever get enough time attaching themselves to the humans they love. There are certain body parts kitties find most comfortable, even though we might not share the comfort. But still, we usually allow them to stay. We cat lovers are nothing if not suckers.

Here are the top 10 human body parts for which our napping kitties go cuckoo.

10. Hair
Those of us with long hair have probably experienced the inability to rise from a reclining position due to a cat-on-top-of-hair situation. Sometimes we’re aware there’s a cat using our hair as bedding, but other times we wake from sleep and realize we can’t lift our head from the pillow. At first we think something must be terribly wrong with us, and maybe somebody needs to call 911 … but then we hear irritated cat noises, and all is right with the world.

9. Neck
Why do they want to stretch across our necks? Sure, they do it because they love us, but that feeling of strangulation is less that cozy.

8. Lower back
Kitties enjoy wedging themselves behind us while we’re sitting on a chair. Or they jack our seat and we can’t bear to move them, so we manage to balance our bottoms on the edge of the chair. No worries – it’s comfortable … said no one. But still, we do it in the name of kitty love.

7. Feet
When it’s cold, nothing feels more comfy that a curled up cat on our feet. They’re like little electric socks. Do electric socks even exist? Maybe more like those slippers that heat up in the microwave. Yeah, they’re like that.

6. Bladder
Ah, the bladder. Not only do they settle in on top of our bladders, they walk across them with their little, feet giving us an uninvited accupressure treatment. Even with all the discomfort, we sometimes allow them to stay atop the about-to-burst bladder. Because cats.

5. Full body
Actually, it’s the cat’s full body. When we’re lying down somewhere, they occasionally stretch right up against us. Sometimes spooning happens.

4. Chest
Feeling a little kitty on the chest is adorable. Feeling a large kitty on the chest feels a little heart-attack-y.

3. Head

Cats are known pillow-jackers. They want to be on top of our heads, and overtaking our comfy pillow is sometimes part of the deal. We can move them, but they quickly return. Cats are known for their head games. Haha.

2. Legs
Our extended legs are comfortable chaise lounges for kitties. They either loaf up or stetch down the center of our legs. Go ahead, cats, take a load off – we all know how hard you work.

And the No. 1 human body part napping cats love is … drumroll, please!

1. Lap
The human lap is the perfect spot for a napping cat. An empty lap is open seating, and sometimes more than one cat will agree to share the space. This, of course, provides prime petting opportunities for us humans. Lap it up, kitties – lap it up!

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