10 Alaskan Malamutes Who Look Like Serious Wolves, But Act Like Big Goofballs

They may look like pack leaders, but these Alaskan Malamutes would rather play fetch than stalk prey.

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Life is too short to be super serious! Via imsarahlucy/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The wolf has been described as: stoic, smart, a survivor. While the Alaskan Malamute is very much like the wolf in appearance, their personality is a bit more… playful. (We wouldn’t attempt to play fetch with a wolf.)

The Alaskan Malamute is a working dog, trained to pull freight on sleds in the harsh Alaskan wilderness — and they love doing it. They are hard working and tenacious, but when they’re not getting the job done, they take off their snow boots and know how to have romping good time.

Here are ten Alaskan Malamutes who look super serious but are actually super silly.

1. This one who sings operatic classics for your enjoyment. Or at least tries.


2. This one who partied all night with the wrapping paper.

“You have fun with the gifts. I’ll have fun with the gift wrap.”

3. This one who just photobombed your baby’s picture.

“Did someone say cheese?”

4. This one who demands to be the little spoon.

“This is the only way I can fall asleep.”

5. This one who be stuntin’ with his shades on.

“Can’t be seen in public without my killer sunnies.”

6. This one who completely embraces the silly birthday hat every year.

“Sing my song! Where’s the balloons?”

7. This one who will not think twice about sticking his tongue out at you.


8. This one who embraces his inner derp.

“Silly is my middle name.”

9. This one who is not afraid to look a little unconventional.

“Gotta change up the hairdo once in a while, bro.”

10. And this one who’s just loving life.

“Grass is the best!”

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