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What Is Causing My Hamster’s Fur Loss?

The cause could be nutritional, a problem with the endocrine system, a symptom of a systemic illness, or a parasite or fungus.


How Do I Stop My Kitten From Playing So Rough?

Rita Reimers

Biting during play is no fun, so how do you let your kitten know this behavior is unacceptable?


Don’t Feed These 6 Foods To Your Parrot!

Several food items that are safe for people to ingest can be toxic to birds. Some foods, offered even as a single, one-time treat, may result in life-threatening illness. Find out what they are.


Bird Sinus Health

Find out how bird sinuses work and ways to prevent respiratory problems in your parrot.


Sugar Glider Communication Revealed

Audrey Pavia

Learn how to tell what a sugar glider is communicating to you.


3 Tips To Get Rid Of Nuisance Algae In Your Marine Tank

Algae can quickly overtake your tank if not dealt with swiftly


5 Tips For Building An Affordable Marine Aquarium

All things are possible when you plan in advance — even when building an inexpensive marine tank.


Help! My Adult Dog Threw Up — Now What?

Dr. Byron de la Navarre

A visit to your veterinarian is needed if your adult dog suffers from frequent or chronic vomiting, or vomiting together with other signs of illness.


Grooming Your Adult Cat

Stacey Ward

Help your adult cat sustain a soft and glorious coat by using a simple grooming routine.


Dog Eats Snow Constantly

A number of problems could be the cause, but if the dog is otherwise fine, it’s most likely behavior.