This Beautiful Siamese Cat Can’t Get Enough Of The Great Outdoors

Her name is Phoenix and she loves nothing more than frolicking in the great outdoors.

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She's not your average cat. Via legend.of.the.phoenix/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

While cats have become domesticated compared to their bigger, wilder ancestors, many still love being outside. However, the constant threat of predators, oncoming traffic and other dangers makes it extremely risky to just let our cats roam free. With proper training, a responsible owner, and a leash, though, cats can regain that zest for outdoor adventures in a safer way — much like Phoenix the Siamese cat has!  


  Phoenix was adopted when she was just 8 weeks old by Lauren Dawn. Phoenix is now 5, and she and Dawn spend their time exploring the great outdoors all over Southern California. They have hiked and wandered around together in Santa Barbara and as far south as San Diego. Dawn shares photos of their outdoor fun on Instagram.


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Although cats are known for being clean animals, Phoenix never shies away from getting her paws dirty while playing outside. Dawn told us the beautiful Siamese loves climbing trees, chasing bugs, and rolling around in the dirt. She's also a total love bug, apparently. "[I] was rescued by Phoenix with companionship, adaptability, and her sweetness," Dawn told

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In addition to her many talents, Phoenix is also a certified therapy pet. "She loves people, making friends with other animals, cuddling, and racing around the house or outdoors as much as possible," Dawn said.

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With the recent Thomas fire in California, Dawn and Phoenix were forced to evacuate. "The fire came within a block of our home and we were evacuated for a week due to the danger, and then poor air quality," Dawn said. "We moved in with my friend with four other cats and a dog. Phoenix made friends with all of them and adapted to all the moving and change readily."

Phoenix is truly one of a kind.

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