Fluffy Himalayan Turns Dog Person Into Doting Cat Dad

R.J. LaCount had never owned a cat before, but when he met Brimley, he instantly fell in love.

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Growing up with just dogs as pets, you'd think R.J. LaCount would stick with canine companions. Perhaps that was his plan, until he met Brimley. Brimley is a 4-year-old Himalayan who stole LaCount's heart the moment they met. The lovable ball of floof managed to turn LaCount from a dog person into a bonafide cat dad.  


  They first met when Brimley was just a year and a half old, and in rough shape. "He was being used as the stud at a very young age, and when he developed a severe eye infection, the breeder had both of his eyes sewn shut to bide time and continue breeding him, rather than paying for the surgery he needed," LaCount told Petcha. "By the time he was relinquished to the [Seattle Persian and Himalayan] rescue, they didn’t even know his eyes were sewn shut due to the amount of goop that had caked all over his face and chest, staining his fur and covering his eyes."

It was Brimley's courage and trusting nature after enduring neglect that made LaCount want to take him home. "The few cats I met were very shy and skittish, but when I met Brimley, he came right up and was very affectionate from the start — which surprised me even more, given his past experience with humans," LaCount said. "He roped me in, and I started to learn all the awesome personality traits cats have."

Someone tell dad to go back to work.

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Now, LaCount is a doting cat dad to Brimley, sharing photos of him regularly on Brimley's own Instagram account (he has over 47,000 followers!), and grooming his glorious fur regularly.

Grandpa's visiting today, look floofed!

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LaCount could probably praise his floofy little boy all day long, but when asked about his favorite thing about Brimley, he said, "Whenever people come over, he comes up to greet them at the door and get all the attention he feels he deserves. It’s hilarious, and so rewarding to see him living such a happy life now."

It's like these two were meant to be.

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