Floofy Cat With Heart-Marking And BFF Littermate Spread Love On Instagram

Adopting Zoë was an afterthought to getting Izzy but one that made a happy human-and-furry family complete.

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An Instagram cat with a heart-shaped marking made our year. Via Izzy and the Fluff/Instagram
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Out of all the emojis, cat-with-heart-eyes sums up most of our feelings. Now a cat-with-heart-fur is doing that in real life. Izzy and Zoë have a growing Instagram following thanks in part to the unique coat pattern on Zoë, which looks like a big black heart on her chest. The two black-and-white British Shorthair mixes also happen to be adorable, which helps to attract thousands of fans.


  “I really love British Shorthairs and my boyfriend loves black-and-white cats, so when we saw these black-and-white cats/half-British Shorthairs, we knew it was meant to be,” owner Joanne Smienk told Petcha.com.  

  She came across them originally when she saw an ad offering kittens for adoption, and because she and her boyfriend were moving into a bigger house, they knew they wanted to furnish it with cats. Something about one of the kittens stood out to Smienk, however, no one else could see it. In fact, it changed their adoption game plan completely.  

  “I noticed Zoë’s heart-shaped marking right away when I first saw her, but I was the only one,” she continued. “We were really planning on adopting only one kitten and we had chosen Izzy originally. When we went to meet her for the first time, we also saw her sister and I immediately said ‘Oh my god, she has a heart on her chest’, but no one else really saw it at the time. “I melted instantly, of course. But my boyfriend also had just as much interest in Zoë.” “She was the only one of her litter to become fluffy and this was already apparent when she was a kitten. She was all poofy and goofy compared to the others. She was also very playful and the key to all playing activities that were going on with her siblings, hence her nickname ‘The Key’ at her first home.”  

Another lazy Sunday.

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  The two of them together, too, bolstered the idea of making this a package deal. “What sold us most, however, was how cute they were together,” Smienk recounts. “Izzy and Zoë were the only black-and-white kittens of their litter and they were inseparable since birth. We could not bear to separate them. Taking home both of them is still the best decision we ever made. They are so happy together and I can’t imagine life without either one of them any more.” “It wasn’t until we had taken them home and I started taking pictures of them to send to all our friends and family that it became apparent just how perfect this heart-shaped mark on Zoë’s chest was. Then my boyfriend and everyone else saw it too. As Zoë grew bigger and fluffier, so did her heart-marking.”  

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  Their Instagram account is always growing. People have found out about them from list articles and sharing. Now, articles about Zoë appear everywhere, from America, Brazil, Latvia, Belgium, England and Japan and eventually to Smienk’s home country the Netherlands. “Most people just melt when they see Zoë’s heart marking and a lot of people tag their loved ones in those pictures where her heart-shape is very visible,” Smienk said of the fan favorites. “All the most liked pictures on my account are of Zoë’s heart marking. However, my most featured picture on Instagram is one of just their two cute little faces together.”  

?Exploring the new conquests of my, ahem, our kingdom.

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  And behind the scenes, around the house? Their opposite personalities complement each other. “Izzy is afraid of nothing,” Smienk shares. “She is very adventurous and also very cuddly. She wakes me up every morning for cuddles and demands cuddle-time several times a day. When playing, she likes to jump really high at things.”  

?Sooo, I caught it. Now what? Also, thank you so much @animlslife and @pleasantcats for the features!❤ A photo posted by Izzy & Zoë (The Fluff) (@izzyandthefluff) on

  “Zoë is more shy and cautious, but very curious and playful. She is always looking around at everything like a nutty professor and due to her curiosity she had fallen in the (full) bathtub four times already. She is also very affectionate, but in a less in-your-face way. For example, she will usually not lie down on your lap but right next to you with her paws on your arm (which just melts my heart). When playing, she prefers to chase things on the floor. Zoë is also professional seat-stealer. The moment you get up, your seat is taken.”

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