Artist Draws Hilariously Accurate Dog Breed Guide

Dogs are so diverse and yet so similar.

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Thank goodness for black Labs. Via little.tunny/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Imagine you’re an alien who came to Earth and was introduced to a Chihuahua and a Great Dane. Then you were told that they were, in fact, the same animal. You would probably be a bit confused, because they look nothing alike and (generally) behave so differently. But that’s the beauty of dogs. They are all so different and yet so universally adorable.

St. Louis-based artist Grace Gogarty (aka Little Tunny) created a guide of various dog breeds, showcasing each breed’s most defining characteristics. The breeds she picked for the project are the ones she met most often while working as a supervisor at a doggy day care.

“Sadly, I haven’t met every dog in the word yet, so I couldn’t write about them all,” Gogarty told Bored Panda. “Although I stereotype them, all dogs are wonderful individuals, so I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite breed!”

The results are hysterical, mainly because of how accurate they are.

1. The Husky

“Let me play you the song of my people… Awooooooo!”

2. The German Shepherd

GSDs are well trained but definitely still have a mind of their own.

3. The Yorkshire Terrier

Will you please make up your tiny, little mind?

4. The Doberman Pinscher

Looks can be deceiving.

5. The Golden Retriever

“Let me smother you with my love!”

6. The Pug

I have never related to a dog so much.

7. The Newfoundland

90 percent drool.

8. Pit Bulls

My two moods.

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